Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in the business?
I've been working in the flooring industry for 10 years. I've undertaken straight forward flooring projects doing sanding and polishing using a number of different flooring products and tools. I'm experienced in laying floors using varying types of wood installed to the pattern chosen by my customers ranging from parquetry, hand made, floaters and 'tongue and groove'.

Have you undertaken a project like mine?
Over the last 10 years I've had the opportunity to work and complete many interesting jobs. Some simple and some more complicated. I've transformed large halls, gyms, offices in the city and private homes renewing one room to several rooms along with hallways and stairs. We can work together to get a great result for you.

Is there anyone I can speak to get a reference from about your work?
I am more than happy for you to contact some of my past customers. Privacy laws prevent me from making these names known publicly. However, I will put you in touch with them upon request. I can assure you that I have not had any dissatisfied customers.

Do you belong to a professional organisation?
Most flooring professionals in the industry retain membership to a governing association. It is a great way to keep in touch with new industry developments, available training, introduction of new products and of course, receive industry referrals. I support and belong to the Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA)

Do you have public liability insurance?
Having public liability insurance is essential in the flooring industry and to my company. I make sure my people are adequately trained and understand the safety requirements when working on a job. My customers are made aware of the worksite safety. However, in the unlikely event, I have a current public liability policy with AAMI giving Transform Floors $5 million coverage.

What is best way to keep my new floors clean and bright?
Floors naturally accommodate a lot of traffic. I would recommend you mop the floor once a week or when the floor becomes slightly dull. Use a bucket of hot water with a dash of methylated spirits and it will come up to its former glory.

What happens when my floorboards lift?
This does happen sometimes in areas where the room temperature is variable. Exposure to dampness may also cause the floor boards to lift. In most cases, I would need to make an individual assessment but the likelihood of replacing or modifying the floorboards would be a real consideration. Eliminating the cause of the floorboards to lift is essential.

How often should I sand and polish my floors?
I trust my customers to make this decision. It all depends on the volume of traffic and wear and tear in a home or business situation. Normally, signs of dullness and varying worn colour patterns in the floor appearance are indicators. Often, timber floors are covered by carpets for many years before the value of exposed timber boards is appreciated. Usually in this case, ridding the floor of grime build up, filling gaps and removing carpet tacks then sanding and polishing will lift the room's appearance. The products I use are the best in the business and will give your floors maximum protection.

How can I make my timber floors more compatible to my dog or cat?
This is a tough one. Claw marks of excited animals kept indoors will accelerate wear. My best advice is to put rugs in the areas your pets most use in their daily routines especially in high traffic areas such as door entrances. You can buy boots for your animals but this might be a bit extreme. 'I would strongly advise against trying to sand individual areas as this effort will detract from the overall appearance of the room or hallway. I would be happy to come and advise you on the best remedy.

I just want to put more oil on my decking, is this wise?
Keeping your decking in good order is about regular maintenance. Oiling every three to six months is advisable depending on the deck's exposure to weather. Sometimes, a light sand before oiling will really lift the appearance of your deck. I can help you make your deck the envy of your neighbours and guests.